Máy quang phổ UVVIS 02 chùm tia đèn Xênon

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  • 2011 R&D 100 Award Winner. Empower your analysis and bring versatility and productivity to your lab with the new Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 201 and 220 UV-Vis systems. With next-generation INSIGHT software for on-board and computer control, your instrument is always up to date and ready for the next challenge. Take your routine measurements to the next level with our Customized User Environment (CUE) software which allows you to completely customize both the logical measurement steps and the output environment
  • Accuracy (Photometric): 0.5: ±0.0004; 1: ±0.006; 2: ±0.010; Measured at 440nm using neutral density filters traceable to NIST™/NLPL
  • Baseline Flatness: ±0.0010A, 200-800nm, 1.0nm SBW, smoothing
  • Beam Geometry: Double-beam with Application Focused Beam Geometry
  • Certifications/Compliance: ISO 9001:2008
  • Connections: USB or RS-232
  • Data Interval: 10, 5, 2, 1.0, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1nm
  • Depth (Metric): 62.2mm
  • Description Cutting-edge instrumentation, intuitive and powerful software, and a wide range of accessories consistently deliver high quality results and improved productivity
  • Detector Type: Dual Silicon Photodiodes
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 62.2 x 48.6 x 27.9cm
  • Display: Touchscreen LCD panel; 800 x 480; 17.8cm (7 in) diagonal
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-240V 50-60Hz, selected automatically, 150W maximun
  • Item Description: Evolution 220 LC
  • Keypad: Sealed membrane
  • Lamp: Xenon Flash Lamp, 3 year warranty (7 years typical lifetime)
  • Noise:
  • 0A: <0.00015A;
  • 1A: <0.00025A;
  • 2A: <0.00080A;
  • 260nm, 1nm SBW, RMS
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows™ XP embedded. INSIGHT 2 Software is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Professional Edition and can be installed on a computer attached to the instrument.
  • Optical Design: Double Beam with sample and reference cuvette positions; Application Focused Beam Geometry; Czerny-Turner Monochromator
  • Pharmacopoeia Compliance Testing (Guaranteed Performance Specifications):
  • Resolution (Toluene in Hexane): ≥1.8A
  • Photometric Accuracy (60 mg/L L2Cr2O7): ±0.010A
  • Stray Light: ≤1%T at 198nm: KCI; ≤0.05%AT at 220nm: Nal, Kl
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm 541.9, 546.1nm Hg emission lines, ±0.8nm full range
  • Wavelength Repeatability: ≤0.05nm, repetitive scanning of 546.1nm Hg emission line
  • Photometric Accuracy Instrument
  • 1A: ±0.006A
  • 2A: ±0.010A
  • Measured at 440nm using calibrated neutral density filters traceable to NIST
  • Photometric Display: -0.3 to 4.0A
  • Photometric Range: >3.5A
  • Photometric Repeatability: ±0.0002A Scan Ordinate Modes Absorbance, % Transmittance, % Reflectance, Kubelka-Munk, log (1/R), log (Abs), Abs*Factor, Intensity
  • Scan Speed: <1-6000nm/min, variable
  • Spectral Bandwidth Variable: 1.0nm; 2.0nm; AFBG Microcell optimized; AFBG Fiber optic optimized; AFBG Materials optimized
  • Type: Evolution 220 Local Control Spectrophotometer
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm (541.9, 546.1nm mercury lines), ±0.8nm (full range 190 to 1100nm)
  • Wavelength Range: 190 to 1100nm
  • Wavelength Repeatability: ≤0.05nm (546.11nm mercury line, SD of 10 measurements)

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  • Máy quang phổ UVVIS 02 chùm tia đèn Xênon, model: Evolution™ 201/220
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