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1. Tính năng kỹ thuật:

Tính năng vận hành:

  • Microprocessor controller and temperature calibration function allows for high precision temperature control.
  • Sterilization temperature at 110 to 123°C
  • Melting* temperature at 60 to 100°C (* liquefaction of coagulated agar media.)
  • Automatic sterilization system for unattended operation. Sterilization process runs automatically in sequence as listed below.
  • Heating > Check Safe > Sterilization > Sterilization Safe > Exhausting > End.
  • Convenient operation modes for various uses.
  • Standard modes and program modes are listed in detail as above tables.
  • Conveniently monitored by an independent control display, sterilization process display, and pressure gauge.
  • VFD for visualization of temp, pressure (optional), timer, warning alert checks.
  • LED lamps for sterilization process check.
  • Easy pressure check with the standard gauge attached to the front.
  • Temperature calibration function.

Tính năng an toàn:

Mechanical Safety Devices:

  • Over current protection: Two separate fuses for protection against overcurrent.
  • Over temperature protection: If the temperature of inner chamber exceeds the temperature limit, over temperature protection device inactivates the heater.
  • Over Pressure Protection: If the pressure of inner chamber exceeds the pressure limit, the automatic safety valve will release the pressure out from the chamber. In other emergency situations, the pressure can be controlled manually by opening the manual safety valve.

Safety Warning Systems:

  • Over Temperature Warning: If the temperature exceeds 125°C for more than 10 seconds, the unit will stop with visual and audible alarms.
  • Low Temperature Warning: If the temperature stays below set temperature value for more than 5 seconds, visual and audible alarms will warn for caution.
  • Low Heat Warning: If the temperature does not reach the sterilization or melting temperature during a certain periods, the unit will stop with visual and audible alarms.-
  • Sterilization Fail Warning: If the operation is unexpectedly stopped during sterilization process, visual and audible alarms will warn for noticing incompletion.
  • Low Water Level Warning: If the water level goes down below a certain point during sterilization or melting process, the unit will stop with visual and audible alarms.

Tính năng cấu trúc:

  • Vertical type autoclaves which allow for top loading are suitable for high volume sterilization.  Baskets are stackable two high or even more levels, which secure inside the chamber space requirements. (Refer to the back cover for the information of basket and flask capacity)
  • Slide opening door with plastic cover of low thermal conductivity prevents burns from the contact.
  • Low-maintenance: The chamber is constructed of stainless steel which is superiorly resistant to corrosion. Easy to replace silicone gasket.
  • Convenient documentation with the optional data recorder: Dot type recorder(6 point) allows for precise documentation.

2. Thông số kỹ thuật:

Model ST-50G ST-65G ST-85G
Control Microprocessor PID Control
Chamber Volume (L / cu ft) 50 / 1.8 65 65 / 2.3 85 / 3.0
Temperature 1) Sterilization Temp. (℃/℉) 110 to 123 / 198 to 221.4
Melting Temp. (℃/℉) 60 to 100 / 108 to 180
Safety Over Temperature Protector / Pressure Safety Valve / Over Current Protector
Warning Alert (Over Temp. / Low Temp. / Low Heat / Sterilization Fail / Low Water Level)
Timer 0 to 999 min
Programs Standard modes (Decontamination, Solids Sterilization, Liquids Sterilization, Melting)
Program modes (Sterilization 1, Sterilization 2, Liquid Sterilization, Melting)
Dimension No. of Baskets (Standard / Max.) 2 / 2
Load per Baskets (Kg / lbs) 10 / 22.0
Basket (ØxH) (mm / inch) 380×180 / 14.9×7.1 380×230 / 14.9×9.1 380×330 / 14.9×13.0
Interior (WxH) (mm / inch) 400×458 / 15.7×18.0 400×558 / 15.7×21.9 400×758 / 15.7×29.8
Exterior 2) (W×D×H) (mm / inch) 624x672x870 / 24.6×26.5×34.2 624x672x971 / 24.6×26.5×38.2 624x672x1083 / 24.6×26.5×42.6
Net Weight (Kg / lbs) 94.5 / 208.3 99.5 / 219.4 104 / 229.3
Electrical Requirements (230V, 50 / 60 Hz) 14.3A 14.3A 14.3A
Cat. No. AAHL1015K AAHL1025K AAHL1035K

1) Technical data according to EN 554 / BS EN 285:1997.
2) Exterior size is measured without the size of exhaust tank.
* Permissible environmental conditions: temperature (5-40
) and relative humidity (10-80%).
* Above specifications can be changed without prior notice.


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