Máy lọc nước siêu sạch loại I và RO, nước cấp nguồn

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  • Code: 9015030: máy lọc nước siêu sạch cho nước loại I và nước RO, 230V, model: WaterPro BT
  • Code: 9015230: máy lọc nước siêu sạch cho nước loại I và nước RO, 230V, model: WaterPro BT với đo Dispenser điều khiển từ xa
  • Code: 9015330: máy lọc nước siêu sạch cho nước loại I và nước RO, 230V, model: WaterPro BT với đo Dispenser điều khiển từ xa và đèn UV
  • Code: 9015130: máy lọc nước siêu sạch cho nước loại I và nước RO, 230V, model: WaterPro BT với đèn UV


  • WaterPro® BT System produces both RO-purified and Type I water packaged in a compact all-inone benchtop design
  • For laboratories needing 1-10 liters per day, the WaterPro BT System, delivers ultrapure Type I*, up to 18.2 megohm-cm at a typical rate of >0.5 liter per minute** at inlet water temperature of 25° C. Type I water is ideal for many applications including instrumental trace element analysis, mixing standardized acid/base solutions, and media solutions. An optional UV lamp further reduces the bacteria and TOC levels necessary for life science applications.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)-purified Type III† water is produced and stored in the integral six liter tank. A tank outlet valve, accessible from the back, provides access to RO-purified water, produced at a rate up to 3 liters per hour (0.05 liters per minute). Type III water is ideal for non-critical laboratory applications such as reagent preparation and glassware rinsing.
  • Compact, lightweight and quick to install, the WaterPro BT may be easily transported and shared among labs. To install, the WaterPro BT requires only simple connection to a tap water supply, drain and electrical source. The Filter Pack bundles all water filter technologies (reverse osmosis, activated carbon filtration, and deionization) into one convenient twin cartridge package. Simply snap the Filter Pack into place and installation is complete.

All Models Feature:

  • Thermoplastic housing with removable thermoplastic cover.
  • Dispensing valve that dispenses >0.5 liter per minute Type I water by pressing the dispense button.
  • 6 liter capacity RO-purified water storage tank.
  • Feedwater inlet tubing, 7′ long, with 1/2″ OD Male NPTM, BSPM or
  • GAZ fitting and pre-filter screen.
  • RO reject tubing, 80″ long.
  • 50 dB maximum noise level at a distance of 3 1/4 feet (1 m).
  • Distribution pump.
  • Continuous/intermittent recirculation.
  • Color LCD for display of operating modes, operating parameters, maintenance or alarm messages and tank level. Alarms include filter cartridge change after set time has expired or amount of water has been reached, resistivity less than setpoint, incorrect filter installation, and water detected in tank while in Flush mode.
  • Keypad for accessing display settings, function settings, and calibrations.
  • One year warranty.
  • Power cord and plug.
  • Miscellaneous accessories: 10′ (3 m) clear tubing and 3/8″ ID hose barb for the Type I dispensing valve; 8 x 8 mm elbow connector and 3′ (1 m) of 8 mm tubing with ball valve for the tank outlet; and two each 1 micron Air Vent Filters.
  • UL* listing.
  • CE Conformity marking.
  • Overall dimensions: 11.4″ w x 16.6″ d x 21.2″ h (29.0 x 42.2 x 53.8 cm)

UV Models also Feature:

  • UV Lamp, 185 and 254 nanometers

Remote Dispense Models also Feature:

  • Remote Dispenser with 6.5′ (2 m) tether:
  • White powder-coated steel dispenser stand, 14.0″ w x 8.0″ d x 23.0″ high (35.6 x 20.3 x 58.4 cm). Overall height with remote dispenser: 25.0″ (63.5 cm).
  • Overall dimensions of housing: 11.4″ w x 13.1″ d x 23.8″ h ( 29.0 x 33.4 x 60.5 cm

All Models Conform to:

  • UL* 61010-1
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1
  • CE electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility

All Models Require:

  • WaterPro BT Filter Pack 9019200. See back cover.
  • Optional Accessories Include: (sold separately)
  • Hollow Fiber Final Filter (1201X70)
  • Ultrafilter Cartridge (1201X72)
  • Wall Mounting Bracket (1201X73)

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